In mid-2012, AOL retained DRSmedia to come on board as the firm of record for the Mobile and Mail teams; we work with a variety of folk helping to coordinate media relations on a host of AOL products including AOL Mail, Editions, Moviefone, and many more.  These are amazing engineers and talented product designers who are a lot of fun to work with.

Aol was then acquired by Verizon, and so we went our separate ways for a while. But in 2016 we reconnected with the team running one of our favorite products, Alto. We've been working with the Alto Mail team at AOL continuing to celebrate the hard work and innovation of one of the coolest updates to email in the past decade. 

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DRSm has run all PR and marketing activity for BOKU since October 2009. We’ve run dozens of media campaigns for BOKU, coordinated numerous speaking opportunities and panel discussions, and programmed several events both for media and for industry executives. BOKU has seen outstanding press coverage online, in print and on TV the likes of Reuters, Bloomberg / Business Week, Fox Business News, MSN Money, All Things D, Techcrunch, Giga Om, VentureBeat and many other publications. We also had BOKU named as one of the top 50 Startups in 2011 by the WSJ, and #2 on the 20 most promising companies in America in Forbes Magazine.

LendingRobot automatically scores, selects and invests in the best loans available on Lending Club and Prosper. They are the first company to partner with Lending Club through their LCOI platform enabling new Lending Club customers to sign up through the LendingRobot website.  Additionally, LendingRobot is the first to automate transactions on the secondary market for Lending Club addressing the biggest issues in marketplace lending, a lack of liquidity and time-consuming account administration. DRSmedia has worked with LendingRobot since September of 2015, helping to promote the idea of robo-advising in the peer lending space. 

OpenFin is Android for capital markets: a unifying common operating layer that enables financial apps that can be developed, deployed, and updated with the same speed as consumer apps without sacrificing security or stability. Their credo, paraphrased from Silicon Valley, is “Move fast. Break nothing.” Thirty-five of the world’s largest banking institutions and trading platforms are using OpenFin, and the technology is licensed across more than 100,000 desktops.

In February 2017 OpenFin announced their Series B round of venture funding, and saw outstanding pickup with the press, including Reuters, MarketWatch, TechCrunch and VentureBeat. The company is based in NY with offices in London. 

Wearhaus is a hardware startup based in Berkeley, CA. The two cofounders started the company while they were students at Cal. They dropped out of school to pursue their idea, which was to build high fidelity headphones able to share music between listeners. A wildly successful kickstarter campaign led to a stint with hardware incubator Highway 1, which in turn resulted in a Series A round of financing in 2016. The company debuted their first production units of the Wearhaus Arc for sale in November 2016. In March 2017 the Wearhaus Arc was featured on The Today Show with gadget guru Katie Linendoll. 

Ya Doggie is a monthly subscription dog food service that automatically delivers our healthy, high quality food exactly when you need it. Featuring simple monthly pricing, easily adjustable delivery schedules, and a money-back guarantee. YaDoggie was created by a team of experienced Silicon Valley entrepreneurs who decided to orient their technology experience at a new challenge, in an industry that hasn’t yet hit the same kind of technology revolution that Web and mobile have experienced so far.