DRSmedia was hired to help Oath with the Search and Comms organizations, and assists on PR for Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Search. 

As Bluetooth-enabled devices flood the market and every part of our lives, from headphones to home devices, hardware manufacturers are looking for new ways to stand out by seamlessly connecting these devices and deliver new experiences to consumers. Tempow is a Bluetooth innovation lab dedicated to developing unique, software-only solutions to expand the capabilities of Bluetooth on any device. DRSmedia started working with Tempow in Summer 2017, and helped them launch their first major partnership with Motorola on the flagship Moto X4 smartphone at IFA in Berlin, Germany in August.

OpenFin is Android for capital markets: a unifying common operating layer that enables financial apps that can be developed, deployed, and updated with the same speed as consumer apps without sacrificing security or stability. Their credo, paraphrased from Silicon Valley, is “Move fast. Break nothing.” Thirty-five of the world’s largest banking institutions and trading platforms are using OpenFin, and the technology is licensed across more than 100,000 desktops.

In February 2017 OpenFin announced their Series B round of venture funding, and saw outstanding pickup with the press, including Reuters, MarketWatch, TechCrunch and VentureBeat. The company is based in NY with offices in London. 



Ya Doggie is a monthly subscription dog food service that automatically delivers our healthy, high quality food exactly when you need it. Featuring simple monthly pricing, easily adjustable delivery schedules, and a money-back guarantee. YaDoggie was created by a team of experienced Silicon Valley entrepreneurs who decided to orient their technology experience at a new challenge, in an industry that hasn’t yet hit the same kind of technology revolution that Web and mobile have experienced so far.

Buoy is a smart home device that attaches to the main water line and uses proprietary machine-learning algorithms to deliver water usage data segmented by usage type. Buoy notifies homeowners of leaks via a mobile app so they can shut off water remotely. Buoy Labs won a gold medal at the 2017 Edison Design awards, and honorable mention for the 2017 Fast Company Design awards, and an Innovation Award for CES 2018. Like their friends at YaDoggie, Buoy Labs is based in Santa Cruz, California. DRSmedia started working with Buoy in September 2017. 

Owl is in stealth. More information coming soon.